The Muscliff-Whittaker Foundation

Formed in March 2016, the Muscliff-Whittaker Foundation is a registered charity. It is named in memory of long serving local councillor Ron Whittaker who worked tirelessly over four decades for the residents of the Muscliff area. We think he would be proud of what we are doing to build on his legacy.

The Foundation aims to further or benefit the educational, social and recreational conditions of life for all residents of Muscliff and the surrounding area, not least by enhancing the recreational and leisure facilities in Muscliff Park itself.

The Foundation relies for the bulk of its income on grants designed to achieve specific projects and in this has proved very successful.  We are grateful to these organisations for their generous grants.

True to its Constitution, the Foundation is always receptive to ideas likely to benefit the educational and recreational needs of all the residents of Muscliff, young and old alike, as you can see from this extract from our constitution.

We aim to act as agents for change and improvement to improve and enhance the social and recreational opportunities in Muscliff Park as a whole and in the community assets at its heart.  We are very keen to hear from local residents about their ideas  – just fill in the Contact details below to get in touch with us.  This might be additional sports facilities, new social activities, extra amenities – the list is potentially endless!  Finance of course is always an issue but consider…………  If you ask, you might get.  If you don’t ask, you most certainly won’t get!